Dysart Community Center Sends a Note of Gratitude

Dysart Community Center

I wanted to express to everyone in your congregation how very grateful we are for the support you have all given us during this difficult year. Without your help, kindness and generosity, we would not have survived the COVID-19 pandemic. You lifted our spirits, you gave practical and useful donations to help those in desperate need and you were always praying for our safety and success. We feel your concern and caring and are tremendously grateful to all of you. You have worked tirelessly to really make a difference in the community, and to our families who have truly suffered during the pandemic, with your constant support we were able to raise them up, to support them with daycare needs, food needs and life skills.

I cannot tell you how much of a difference this has made, especially to families who were ill prepared for job loss, economic upheaval, worries about food, electricity and rent. Through your actions, you gave us the tools to inspire these families not to give up, to encourage the children through virtual class time and to ensure they had the food and hygiene items they could not afford. Your support in keeping our doors open meant that lonely seniors had a place to go to pick up food and someone actually cared about them and spoke to them.

Thank you all, because of your help we held a ten week summer camp, which meant sixty parents could return to work, knowing that their children were being safely cared for. With your support, we are keeping our after-school program open during the time we normally close for the holidays, so that families who have only just returned to some normalcy can continue working without concern for their children’s safety.

From Dysart Community Center, I send you all our heartfelt gratitude for being there for us, for your consistent care and attention and for your faith in our mission. I wish you a very safe and happy holiday season, and send my hopes for big changes in the New Year.

Annie Ansell
Executive Director, Dysart Community Center