Church of the Palms Social Justice Champion for 2022: Beth Moore

The Volunteer Engagement Committee working with Social Justice Leadership Team has selected Beth Moore for the 2022 Social Justice Champion Award. Beth attributes much of her social activism to her upbringing in the Methodist tradition where John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, worked among the marginalized coal miners of Great Britain in the early 1700s. During her college years in the mid-sixties, Beth became involved in the struggles for civil and human rights. She spent the summer of 1964 with several hundred college students in Mississippi as a participant in the Mississippi Freedom Project’s Freedom Schools.

Beth leads the Palestinian Human Rights Ministry for the Church of The Palms and is very active in the Tent of Nations organization, established in 2001-2002 by the Nassar family to protect Palestinian farmers in the West Bank of Gaza. The Tent of Nations mission is to build bridges between people and between people and the land. Beth is also an officer in the Friends of Tent of Nations North America (FOTONNA), founded as an all-volunteer charitable corporation in November 2007, for the purpose of supporting the work of Tent of Nations.

Beth has also played a very active role in our Creation Justice Ministry. She was instrumental in helping the church acquire solar panels and install energy-efficient lighting. Beth has prepared the order of worship for our Creation Justice Sunday Service for the last four years.

Beth tells us that, “Church, where the Jesus story is lived out concretely and celebrated with abandon, has been a thread throughout my life. So, Church of the Palms is where I belong three months out of the year in person (nine months remotely), and I am glad to have found a home where there are so many social justice champions!”