Changing a Noun to a Verb

 As I mentioned in my sermon last week, my favorite NT character is Barnabas. And, although my wife, who has taught English for her whole career, would tell us that “Barnabas” is a noun, I want to change that language rule. I want to change Barnabas into an action – a verb!
The name Barnabas means, “son of encouragement.” So, I wonder, who can we encourage, lift up, help this week? Who can we Barnabas? There are people in all of our lives who are hurting physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually. Who would benefit from knowing that you care, are there for them, and that you have their back?
Get out your paper and pencil. I’m giving you an assignment! Write out the names of a few people who need encouragement. If you don’t know their names (only their role – they serve the meal or pick-up around the place), learn their names and listen to their stories. Open up yourself to bring healing to others; Let’s break some rules of our linguistic culture. Let’s change a noun (which is a thing) into a verb (a loving action). If we can be successful in that endeavor, more than just our language will change, people’s lives will change. Be a child of encouragement. Be a Barnabas.
Shalom, Paul