Love of Creation Sunday

This coming Sunday is special. We have many lay leaders participating in the design and leadership of worship – the Creation Justice Team will be leading our Love of Creation Sunday as we begin the week of Earth Day celebrations. Rev. Doug Bland, a long-time friend, will be our speaker. Doug is a gifted storyteller who… Continue reading Love of Creation Sunday

The stone is rolling away!

I have literally been waiting for this moment for a year! It broke my heart to have to go from in-person worship to video; I know you join me in missing our in-person gatherings. I truly believe that I will never, ever, take for granted the blessing of being able to gather in our sanctuary!… Continue reading The stone is rolling away!

It is an exciting time for us at The Palms

It is an exciting time for us at The Palms. Before we rush head on into the joyous celebrations of Easter, let’s pause and reflect why we have Easter in the first place. At the Last Supper, Jesus gave us a mandate to love one another. Then washed the feet of the disciples. Soon afterwards,… Continue reading It is an exciting time for us at The Palms

Need help getting your vaccine?

I consider myself a competent human being…most of the time! I recently encountered a situation with which I struggled. I couldn’t handle the registration process of the Covid-19 shot forms. I had to ask for help. Maybe you can relate with my struggles. Three people within our congregation stepped forward to help individuals like me get… Continue reading Need help getting your vaccine?

How we express our love of creation

Love of creation is part of the “3 Great Loves” that our denomination is focusing upon. Can you name the other two? Right: neighbor and children. Much of our efforts these last couple of years has focused on love of neighbor. We are to love thy black, poor, differently-abled, immigrant, Islamic, and atheist neighbor. Much… Continue reading How we express our love of creation

It’s Been One Year

March 22 marks the one year anniversary. Some anniversaries are celebrated joyfully with cake, cards, and presents. Others are remembered quietly, somberly, with great reverence. This anniversary falls to the latter. March 22, 2020, we did not meet in our sanctuary (God’s house) for worship at The Palms; we started videoing our worship because it… Continue reading It’s Been One Year

We have a ‘fob-u-lous’ church!

John Durbin first used the term – “We have a ‘fob-u-lous’ church!” We are “fob-u-lous” in so many ways: people, talent, leadership, resources, and blessings. And now even in security. Yep. The key code entrance near King Hall has changed; no longer are there codes to enter. If you are leading a group or meeting and/or need… Continue reading We have a ‘fob-u-lous’ church!