What’s filled with awesomeness and is fantabulous?

I like to make up words – taking obvious phrases and expanding upon them. I figure, if Shakespeare could invent words, why can’t I? I often use these made-up words in notes and in conversations. Communicating things like: “You are filled with awesomeness” and “You are so fantabulous.” These are familiar parts of my vocabulary. I hope others use them as well.

Chrismon is a made-up word. It was first used by Frances Kipps Spencer when she combined Christ and monogram (meaning symbol) and came up with “Chrismon.” She used her new word to describe Christmas decorations with Christian symbols on them. Her idea spread. Churches love to use them on their Christmas trees, especially the tree in their sanctuary.

Taking something old and familiar and tweaking it to bring out the newness of our current situation – I really like that line of thinking. It’s filled with awesomeness and is fantabulous.

Shalom, Paul