This list is astounding

It is not when it is smooth sailing that our merit is tested, but rather when things are falling apart. We are approaching the one-year mark of the quarantine and no in-person worship at The Palms. And this anniversary I give thanks for you and the ministry you have done, are doing, and will do!

A colleague recently asked me what The Palms had done during quarantine, adding they felt their church hadn’t done much. As I look back, I was astounded at all that God has done through us at The Palms this past year…

  • Installed camera equipment for videoing worship
  • Added a third screen in the sanctuary – one dedicated for those leading worship
  • Produced Social Justice videos on BLM
  • Bought a sanitizing machine for when we return
  • Purchased a shower trailer and contracted with multiple municipalities for its use to help the homeless
  • Installed a new organ
  • Expanded our prison ministry
  • Install new doors on both sides of the narthex
  • Redid the storage doors in King Hall
  • Adapted our in-person Thanksgiving feast to $4600 in feeding the hungry of our community
  • Fortified our electronic giving
  • Installed new doors for the office / King Hall entrance
  • Became a Welcoming, Inclusive, Supportive, Engaged (W.I.S.E.) Congregation for Mental Wellness
  • Added new members
  • Installed a new security system
  • Ordained Debby Stinton
  • Secured a gift to reduce our carbon footprint by adding solar panels
  • Held more Life-Long Learning classes than ever
  • Installed a washer/dryer at the church
  • Gave more money to charity than recent years
  • Maintain our I-Help ministry
  • Help register people for their Covid-19 shots
  • Supported Shea Darian towards her ordination
  • Built our website up to allow winter friends and others to watch our worship and attend our meetings and learning opportunities in a safe environment no matter where they reside
  • Plus a whole lot more!

Wow! Review that list. I’m sure I forgot something! It’s been an amazing spirit-filled year of being The Palms of Jesus! I would have been thrilled in a non-pandemic year to have the church do those things. We did them in a pandemic. When things fell apart, you were The Palms. Thank you for your ministry (your gifts of time, talent, and treasure) which makes it all possible.

Shalom, Paul