The countdown begins

This year both Pastor Jim and I turn 60. That’s right, both of us! I am a few months older than him. Well, lo and behold, I am counting down the sixty days before I turn 60. Each day, I want to do something to improve flexibility and my physical ability. Jesus had 40 days in the wilderness, I am going to have 60 days in the gym. That countdown begins this weekend.

This year, in honor of both of our birthdays, I want you to consider giving 60.

  • Sixty seconds. Using the fruit of kindness, make someone’s day with your words.
  • Sixty minutes. Provide joy and peace through the fruit of gentleness, bring healing into their lives.
  • Sixty days. Can you use self-control and change a habit? Give it a shot.
  • Sixty dollars. Can you, through the fruit of generosity, help a charity above and beyond your normal giving? Try it and share.

Milestones come and go. I’m glad to be sharing this one with you.


Shalom, Paul