It’s Hard to Let Go

A Letter from Paul

The Season of Lent has begun. What can you and I let go of and what do we need to hold on to?

Lent is a great time to examine what we prioritize and value. Every move I have made, I have struggled letting go of my stuff – even things that I haven’t used or looked at for years and years. It’s hard to let go of it.

Let me tell you a story of Old Fred. He was a guy who lugged around his favorite rock with him. He carried it everywhere: In the market, in his neighborhood, at church, and even at home. Sure, it was heavy, but he just couldn’t let go.

Trying to escape the burden, he went on a vacation cruise, but he carried the large boulder with him on board. When the cruise ship hit rough seas, Fred was tossed overboard and began to sink, burdened by the weight of his stone. People tried to help by calling out to him, “Let go of your boulder and swim.” But Fred cried out, “But it’s my rock!” 

How are we like Fred, sinking down to the point of drowning? What can we let go of? Old habits? Thoughts? Ways of doing things? Lent is a great time to examine that which we hold on to and the things we need to let go of. It’s like moving; we touch our things, take some things with us on our new adventure, and leave some things behind. What can we leave behind during this season?

As we journey closer and closer to the cross during Lent, I’m glad to be journeying with you!