“Response to Art” show

10 am to 3 pm on Saturday, February 24, 2018 in King Hall

The Worship and Fine Arts Committee is happy to announce an art show!

We expect a wide variety of media with artists from our church and some from the Sun City community. We invite you to come see some surprising hives of buzzing activity in our town.

We also invite you to respond to what you see. More art shows are suggesting a new dimension to the visual experience by articulating written responses as they view — only if wished by the viewer. As an elective addition the church would offer “RESPONSE TO ART” materials and encourage willing visitors to consider small written responses expressing how the various art forms have enriched, expanded or impacted them; as few or many as chosen. This can more fully complete the whole art circle of experience if one desires to do so.

The artists may choose, or not, to sell their works at the show on their own initiative. Our church is not involved in those transactions.

Questions? Contact Judy Beal or Mary Funck.