So, what is your mission?

The Church of the Palms has a mission statement:

Sharing God’s Unconditional Love, Justice, and Extravagant Welcome.

That statement is more than a policy statement; it speaks of our core values and desires. Plus, it gives us direction when the Spirit blows forcing us to adjust our sails.

So, what is your mission? I suspect that yours has changed over the years – I know mine has. When you were employed or raising kids or grandkids, your mission reflected the needs of the moment. Now that you have reached your current situation, how has your mission and purpose changed? What core value reflects who you are presently?

You may no longer be able to march for justice – can you pray for those who do? Can you help fund social justice ministries? Can you be a word of cheer for people? All of us can do something!

We need all of us working together to be whole: From our LGBTQ+ siblings to our assisted living residents to our chairs of our ministry groups and every place and person in between. You are needed. And God is calling all of us to do our part.

So, spend some time this week examining who you are right here, right now. What core values shape your life? Where can God use you? Then go and do and be about sharing God’s Unconditional Love, Justice, and Extravagant Welcome.

Shalom, Paul