Homeless Jesus Unveiled

The Church of the Palms, UCC, will be dedicating the sculpture Homeless Jesus on Saturday, November 18, at 11 am. The community is welcome to join the unveiling.

Created by artist Timothy Schmalz, Homeless Jesus, as a piece of public art at The Church of the Palms, has a vital and moving, though at times paradoxical, role. This piece reflects the circumstances and truth of the moment in which it exists. Undeniably, Homeless Jesus can enchant its audience by reflecting a never-to-be-forgotten past, or it may alert its audience to the present, allowing viewers to recognize themselves and social behaviors within our culture.

Its paradoxical nature is intriguing because although Homeless Jesus holds a timestamped quality and demonstrates having a fixed element about it, it simultaneously stays relevant and spontaneous as it mirrors and responds to its time and cultural background.

More specifically, this piece is designed to interact with its observer. It serves as a broad mirror of the community and may even occasionally contain a provoking aspect.

Homeless Jesus has the power to reflect and mirror people. As a result, it successfully conveys the tale of its environment and distinguishes and uniquely characterizes The Church of the Palms.

The address is 14808 N. Boswell Blvd in Sun City, AZ.

For more information, contact the church office at manager@thepalms.org or 623.977.8359.