As of this writing, my mom is in a hospice facility.

We are trying to make sure she is comfortable. I don’t know how long or short this last stage will be. I like to control things, but I can’t control this. All I can do is help her be pain-free and sit with my memories.

There are a thousand things to do and yet, the most important thing that I do presently is sit. So many things to say, and yet, it boils down to the basics, “I love you.”

I have had the privilege of being at the bedside of many people who have died. Each experience is unique – my emotions, the person’s life, the family’s reaction all woven together.

Life is so short! The paradoxical nature of life is fascinating! The hours and minutes seem to crawl by, while the weeks, months, and years are flying! How did it get to be September? Wasn’t it just April? 2023? But 1986 was just yesterday.

My mom has lived a full life. A life of love and pain, joy and heartache, plus laughter and tears. There have been successes and failures. She was blessed to have a family. She also has experienced the death of two children.

Steve Jobs on his death bed is reported to have said, “You can hire someone to drive your car or make money for you, but you can’t hire someone to stand sick and die for you.”

Whatever stage of life we are currently at, in time we will face the day when the curtain closes. Love your family, spouse, children, and friends. Treat people right. Cherish them.

Shalom, Paul