Writing our story with intentionality

Are you drawn to a particular gospel writer? Some love Matthew with the power of the Sermon on the Mount and the insight calling us to help “the least of these” in chapter 25. Mark stands out for some with its straightforwardness, lack of a birth narrative, and how it ends. Luke, who begins by telling of Mary and her husband then shares God’s love of the prodigal, is a favorite to some. Even John has fans with its differentness and message of God loving the world.
If you were to write your version of the gospel, what would you want to include? Are there stories you would want to stay far from and avoid? How would you frame the story of Jesus in your life?
I’ve heard it said many times, “You may be the only Bible people read.” If you were writing a gospel with your life, what characters would be present? What would be the setting? How would the sequence, conflicts, problems, and themes help develop and move the plot? Would there be any resolution?
During Lent we examine our lives – what do we need to edit out, erase, or rewrite?

Our story is our story – not our spouse’s or parents’ or friends’. May our story be written with intentionality.
Shalom Paul