What makes you come alive?

What makes you come alive?

Howard Thurman was a friend and colleague of Martin Luther King, Sr. He was a mentor to MLK Jr., too. Author, philosopher, theologian, mystic, educator, and civil rights leader, he recognized that many people live as though they were already dead. Thus, he challenged one and all: “Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because the world needs people who have come alive.”

This year at church, we are going to be asking each person individually and all of us as a congregation, “What makes you come alive?” I have asked myself numerous times, “What produces resurrection when I feel dead? What gives rise emotionally, physically, and spiritually to my spirit?”

The quick answer for me is the various aspects of gardening. I love the physical work (getting my hands literally in the soil), the smell of the “odor-riffic” air, and tending to and for creation. I also feel alive when I am taking pictures of creation and editing those photos. Many times, someone will, upon seeing one of my photos, ask, “Where is that cactus?”

It will literally be right in front of them! There is no problem with their perception, it’s just an unusual angle or light – revealing the closeup distinctive or peculiar side of a plant presenting it in the most fantabulous and unique way – it makes me come alive unveiling that beauty.

But when I am truly struggling to see and feel resurrection in myself, I always turn to helping others. Whether listening to, communicating with, or doing something for others, making a difference in their lives brings my spirit alive.

Bringing the best out of plants, photographs, or people makes me come alive! What makes you come alive? Give it some prayerful thought. And then, go do it! The world needs you and this church to be alive!

Shalom, Paul