Top 10 Remebrances: Reflecting on 8 Years Together

Eight years ago, I began my ministry with The Church of the Palms. We’ve done some marvelous things with the help of God. It’s not you or me, it’s us working together following our call from God. Here’s a list of top ten remembrances for the past eight years.

10) Creating a Mission Statement – “Sharing God’s Unconditional Love, Justice, and Extravagant Welcome.”

9) Hanging the Rainbow Flag, participating in the Pride Parade, Rainbow Festival, and Open and Affirming Sunday & Transgender Day of Remembrance.

8) Purchasing a new bus, a shower trailer, and a tow vehicle for our Shower Trailer ministry, Feet-N-More.

7) IHELP – housing homeless people in our building.

6) A new organ, plus redoing the choir loft.

5) A new chiller & boiler, plus six a/c units, security cameras, and new buzzer entry system.

4) Ordinations of Pastor Jim, Debby Stinton, and Shea Darian. Plus, bringing Pastor Jim on full time!

3) Solar panels, LED lighting throughout the building, Creation Justice Sunday, water bottle refill station.

2) Lots of construction projects – improving our sanctuary lighting, new glass door entrance for the sanctuary and King Hall, storage area for King Hall, New a/v equipment, back screen for sanctuary.

1) Labyrinths, Homeless Jesus, and Doing Grief Community Healing Project including renovating our Interfaith Chapel.


A year (2023) when 52 members joined, expansion of social justice ministries, renovation of the Fountain Patio area, tripling the endowment, redoing the constitution & bylaws, expansion of social media presence (online worship), kept the doors open during a global pandemic, becoming a W.I.S.E congregation.

WOW!!! God is doing marvelous things with us!

What will the next eight years hold? I can’t wait to experience it with you.

Shalom, Paul