Pentecost – We are called!

In New Testament Greek, the word for church is ekklesia. The word is usually translated as “church,” and also means “assembly, congregation, or meeting.” The Greek literally means “called out ones” from ek meaning “out,” and kaleo, meaning “to call.” Some scholars have stressed that this “called out” sense of the word provides a hint as to how we should understand the church: an assembly of those who have been called out, or separated, for a special purpose or called out from the world to live godly lives.

But how might we spell “church” in English? Such an acrostic might look like this:

C = Caring
H = Healing or Hopeful
U = United
R = Radical
C = Compassionate
H = Hospitable, Honest, or Helpful

Finally, perhaps the best way to answer the question of how to spell “church” is to say that today there are many ways to spell church. It is the genius of the church that it is empowered to reach all peoples of every tribe and nation so that, as on the day of Pentecost, everyone should hear the voice of God in their own tongue.

The church as the expression of God on Earth has a voice that ought to catch the ear of all people across all cultures. There should be no person on Pentecost who cannot feel the power of God and know that the Holy Spirit can descend on them as did the tongues of fire on that ancient day.

Shalom, Paul

P.S. Don’t forget to wear RED this Sunday, May 19, the day of Pentecost.