Most years I sing, and I cringe a little…

I confess that I love singing church music this time of the year – the old familiar carols and the new ones. I’ve been singing in church for over 50 years! I’ve sung in the sanctuary choir cantatas for almost as long. This year marked the 44th year that I have sung in a cantata. Those 40+ years saw the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Oh, the messages of hope, peace, joy, and love have been a constant throughout the years. What made this one so unique, so heartfelt, so authentic was the theology woven throughout it. Most years I sing, and I cringe a little at the words, the ideas, the presentation. The problem is that churches often lie or at least don’t tell the full truth in their cantatas. This one was different – it was real! The theology was superb! The Christmas story is a parable which ultimately tells us that love is born in and to each of us which is the pinnacle of truth! Thank you to Pastor Jim for weaving it all together.

I invite everyone to go back and view the presentation again and again. Hear the monologues. Listen to the passion of a choir made up entirely of volunteers. And live the theology.

Be real. Be you. It’s the best gift to give others.

Shalom, Paul