Here’s my Top Ten list for venturing forth into 2023

Happy New Year! Here’s my Top Ten list for venturing forth into 2023:

  1. In a world which desires 15-second answers to every question, don’t settle for easy answers to complex issues. Be willing to search deeper.
  2. We must be willing to change our minds when new information comes. Darwin showed it is not the biggest or strongest that survived, but the ones which could adapt. Adjust sails when necessary.
  3. Rather than burning or banning books, try reading them.
  4. Be willing to share your time, talent, and treasure. Sharing helps develop an attitude or gratitude. And gratitude always works.
  5. Be intentional about getting along with others and cooperating. Fostering cooperation builds community.
  6. Work for equality for all people. Everyone? Yes, everyone.
  7. Be intentional in word and deed in respecting others’ rights. Try turning self-interest into team building.
  8. Science is our friend – embrace it.
  9. Appreciate and value different cultures and art. Listen, view, and experience to learn.
  10. Care for the planet. Make decisions in life and in the voting booth to preserve and protect nature. 

Shalom, Paul