For All the Saints

I’ve been grieving a lot recently. For at least the last couple years, as I have seen my mom slowly decline, I have been grieving. These last few months I have been deeply entrenched in grief. Her situation was clearly not where she wanted to be – she was too dead to be alive and too alive to be dead. Purgatory. In between life and death. She was defeated, depressed, and discontented. I don’t blame her; I would be frustrated and angry in that situation, too.
Now that my mom is finally at peace and has joined with all of the saints, including my father, brother, and sister, my soul is filled with relief and gratitude. Peace is palpable within my soul. We are celebrating in my house. Mom’s struggle is over!
We can’t always choose how we die and when. We can only decide to live this moment right now. Live. Love. Go. Do. Laugh. Travel. Experience. Dance. Sing. Thank you for helping me see that and live it.
This Sunday we will be celebrating the saints in our lives. Come and rejoice with me this Sunday.
Shalom, Paul