sanctuary at Church of the Palms UCC Sun City


(Watch our online worship services HERE.)

On this healthy hiatus from our regular worship, we will continue to record our worship services ahead of time and have them posted on the website for you each Sunday. You may continue to come to the sanctuary on Sundays between 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. We will wear masks and keep appropriate social distancing for personal prayer, lighting of candles, experiencing communion, and praying with our pastors.

Rev. Paul A. Whitlock, Senior Minister
Rev. Jim Alexander, Associate Pastor 

Elaine Klauser, Organist / Accompanist

“We want to send a clear and strong message to congregations who are considering going back to meeting in person: We urge you to wait until ALL safety concerns have been addressed.”  –United Church of Christ leadership, May 19, 2020

Worship Themes for September

Through the month of September we will be continuing our video worship presentations. Here are the upcoming themes.

Sept. 6: Pastor Paul will be talking about forgiveness. Read Matthew 18:15-20. Do we forgive more readily when the person asks for forgiveness? This is part one of a two-part series.

Sept. 13: Part two of the forgiveness series. Pastor Paul will be preaching on Matthew 18:21-32. What about our enemies?

Sept. 20: Pastor Jim will be preaching from the familiar passage in Exodus 16:2-15 telling of the congregation out in the wilderness…literally!! They think they’re starving. Not quite! God provides…as usual! And the people’s response? Are there any similarities with today’s congregation?

Sept. 27: Everyone is going to be tested today. Matthew 21:23-32 challenges us to put our words into action. Pastor Paul will be preaching.