Photo by Debby Stinton


Join us for our weekly worship service in the sanctuary on Sundays at 10 a.m.

Rev. Paul A. Whitlock, Senior Minister
Rev. Jim Alexander, Associate Pastor 

Elaine Klauser, Organist / Accompanist

Worship Themes for August

August 4: Read Luke 12:13-21. Pastor Paul will be preaching. There is a virus that is spreading called greed and worry. What will inoculate us against such diseases?

August 11: Pastor Paul will preach from Luke 12:32-40 & Isaiah 1:1, 10-20. How do we get God to hear our prayers? Isaiah, Jesus’ favorite prophet to quote, has some ideas.

August 18: Pastor Jim will preach from Luke 12:49-56. Sometimes we have to be willing to set fire to the old so that the new can spring forth. What will be new in you when the smoke clears?

August 25: What’s in a name? How did you get your name? Read Luke 13:10-17. The woman in this scripture is given a different name by Jesus than what the townsfolk call her. Pastor Paul will talk about why that’s significant.