Church of the Palms UCC sanctuary cross in sunlight

Online Worship Services

May 9, 2021: Welcome to Worship! Pastor Jim Alexander asks the question, “Are we chosen?”, preaching from John 15:9-17. Toni Berg, Andrew Jordan, and Elaine Klauser lead in music and the spoken word.

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We’re taking a healthy hiatus from our regular style of worship at The Palms. Adjusting our sails, pressing onward, we’re exploring new ways to proclaim the love of God.

During the week, we video-record a worship service in the sanctuary to be broadcast on our website and Facebook page on Sunday morning. These have most of the elements of our typical worship services including scripture, sermon, hymns, and prayers.

On Sunday mornings the sanctuary will be open from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. for personal prayer time, lighting a candle, prayers with a pastor, and quiet meditation. No program will be offered. Please keep the recommended social distance. We limit this to 10 people.

Please continue to worship – just adjust your sails. You can join us by doing the following:

  • Pray for your church and your pastors each day.
  • Observe the sabbath; find a specific time and set it aside for prayer and meditation.
  • Continue to support your church financially by having your financial institution send your automatic giving. Or, simply mail a check to us.

During this protective postponement pause to our regular schedule, pray for personal and collective wisdom, strength, and courage. Thanks for being The Palms.

Rev. Paul A. Whitlock
Rev. Jim Alexander