Don’t Be Alone This Christmas!

Would you and your other would like to have dinner with another family?

Are you cooking Christmas dinner and you can seat one or more extra guests?

The first signup sheet is – if you can HOST some more people for Christmas dinner in your own tradition. The number in guest’s column is the most people you would like to take. The last column is optional in case the need is great and you can setup extra tables to serve more – then note this greater number also.

The second signup sheet is – if you would like to be a dinner GUEST at another family home.

The third signup sheet is – if you know someone who isn’t here, and you think they should get an invitation to Christmas dinner. Regardless if they are a church member. Put their name and info down and hopefully we can place them.

For the hosts, it doesn’t have to be elaborate. Just your own family tradition – Then just enjoy each other’s company.

Finally, next Sunday (Dec 17) after church we will be matching up hosts and guests and start calling everyone that Sunday and Monday. Hosts will get a guest list. Guests will get time to show up and the name/address/phone# of their assigned host.

Paul Hiles 480-297-3838